About Us

Arts Inclusion Company is a new company where people of All Abilities are welcomed to participate in all aspects of theatrical arts. We primarily put on theater performances including but not limited to individuals diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, hearing/vision impairments, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We offer an inclusive environment where we provide mentorships and workshops. Our goal is that everyone learns valuable skills like creative expression and interpersonal skills as well as gaining a sense of confidence while involved in this community-supported company. It is our hope that they can take these skills into all areas of their lives.

Inclusion is very important to us. We believe in welcoming all regardless of their abilities. Everyone works together and everyone learns together. Everyone is accepted for who they are and is celebrated for their individuality. Although we may all be different with different skills and backgrounds we are all the same within. At AIC we bring light to this truth.

Everyone involved with AIC, whether it be a professional in the community or a first timer involved in the arts, brings a special element to our group and to the community. We provide mentorship opportunities by pairing together individuals to work together and learn from each other during our rehearsals and performances. We plan to offer, at little to no cost, workshops where individuals can learn skills in Acting, Music, Directing, Light and Set Design, Costume Design, Film, and Script Writing.

The arts can be very powerful and healing at the same time. When involved in the arts one gains a sense of confidence as they express themselves in a creative way. We have seen individuals gain confidence while performing with AIC and it is breath taking to see someone open up and for a moment let go of all limitations that they or society have placed on them. The journey from the first rehearsal to the performance is life changing to say the least. Most come in to rehearsal scared, timid and withdrawn; however, by show time they are full of confidence and self-worth, while being supported by a tight knit family

We would like to welcome you to Arts Inclusion Company. We encourage you to join us along this amazing journey. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming part of our family either as a performer, volunteer, sponsor, or mentor. All are welcomed!